Kathaler Chop-Echorer Chop-Jackfruit Cutlets
Servings Prep Time
6-8people 30mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
6-8people 30mins
Cook Time
  1. Soak the Bengal gram/cholar daal/chana daal overnight. If not possible , soak as long as you can
  2. Boil till just cooked,making sure it is not mushy. If you have not soaked it then you might want to pressure cook it, Buy make sure its not mushy. Mushy Daal will not work and you will not be able to give shape to the ‘chops’ or cutlets
  3. Boil the raw jackfruit cubes in a little water along with salt and little turmeric
  4. In a mixture/blender/spice grinder add the boiled jackfruit and cooked Daal and mash but make sure that it is not totally paste. Leave a little texture . Just give one wizz. Alternatively you can do that with your hands too
  5. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan, add the chopped green chillies and ginger paste, saute till the raw smell is gone
  6. Add the daal and jack fruit mush, turmeric, red chilli powder, sugar and salt. Cook over a low flame, stirring occasionally
  7. Add the roasted cumin powder, add the peanuts and chopped coriander leaves. Add salt as per taste and cook till all spices are mixed well and it is coming off the pan
  8. Add the garam Masala powder
  9. Taste for salt and sugar and heat balance. Add more or less depending on personal choice
  10. Take it off the heat and cool it in room temperature
  11. Shape the jackfruit/kathal mixture into Chops/cutlets. You have make them any shape you like. I made them like the picture as I find it easiest
  12. Dissolve the cornflour in a little water to form a thin batter
  13. Dip the cutlets/chops, one at a time, into the corn batter
  14. Coat gently with breadcrumbs
  15. Finish giving first layer of breadcrumb coating to all the chops/cutlets. The repeat the process for second layer of coating. It is not needed but I feel then it gives a smooth look and the chops/cutlets does not break during deep frying
  16. Heat oil in a pan, deep fry till golden.
  17. Serve hot with kasundi/sriracha Sauce /sriracha Vegan mayo and onion, green chilli , cucumber salad. And if you can make a cup of masala cha to go with it….Aaaaaaa! Enjoy!
Recipe Notes