Labra -Bengali Mix Vegetable
Servings Prep Time
10people 30mins
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
10people 30mins
Cook Time
  1. Wash the vegetable
  2. Cut them in sizes so that they do not mush up in the process of cooking. I diced them and left the orka full cutting the top, as they tend to become mushy anyway
  3. Heat oil in the big karahi
  4. Add Bay leaf , dry red chilli and panchphoron
  5. Once the bay leaf change colour and there is smell of panchphoron and chilli coming from oil, add all the vegetables except okra, cauliflower and pumpkin
  6. Add ginger paste , cumin powder, turmeric power and salt of top of the vegetable and cover the karahi
  7. The vegetable will start to get cooked with steam from the covered karahi and will release water . keep stirring occasionally so that you are aware how much it has been cooked and if water needed to be added. keep stirring as this will mix the spices with all the vegetable nicely
  8. Once vegetables are mostly cooked add the cauliflower, orkra and pumpkin and give a good stir and cover the karahi
  9. Add sugar as per your taste and let the vegetable cook and become mushy ( thats why its call Labra) mushy vegetable. Add gree chillis too
  10. check if the oil has separated and vegetables are broken and mushy and well cooked. Taste for salt and sugar
  11. Serve with Khichuri or boiled rice and slice of lemon
Recipe Notes


  1. The spices  are roughly measured . Specially add ginger if you feel the heat or smell of ginger is not there 
  2.  You can use more or less vegetables but I always add radish to my labra for the smell
  3.  Cutting the vegetable has method as my ma says but I just cut them 
  4. Don not worry if the vegetables are mushy. That is how they should be 
  5. you can add sliced coconut and fried peanut to give it different taste. I do not use like to use them. I like the pure taste of Labra