Spicy Marinated Fish Fry

Ingredients:  400g-Fish (I used Herrings. You can use sardine, mackerel, or any other fry that you like to eat fried like Rahu, katla, maybe even prawn should taste good I should imagine) 2-tablespoon lemon juice 1-tablespoon ginger paste 1-tablespoon garlic paste 1-teaspoon chili powder 1-tablespoon 

Kalo jeera diye makha makha Aar Mach -Giant river-catfish cooked with nigella seed in spicy thick gravy-

Ingredients: 8-pieces Aar Mach. Washed and clean ¼-teaspoon kaloo jeera 1-teaspoon red chili powder 1-teaspoon turmeric 1-teaspoon cumin powder 1-teaspoon ginger paste 2-green chili, slit length wise 1-bay leaf Salt to taste 3-tablespoon oil to fry the fish 2-tablespoon to cook Little coriander leaf, sliced 

Shorshe Ilish -Hilsa Cooked in a Mustard Paste Gravy

Ingredients 6-pieces of Ilish / Hilsa 3-green chili, slit length wise 2-teaspoon mustard seed (I used black) or use 2 –teaspoon mustard seed powder (read instruction of soaking on the pack before using) 1-teaspoon turmeric powder 1-teaspoon red chili powder (I used Kashmiri chili, as 

Guest Post by My Mother: Noakhailla Nona Ilish (Salted Hilsa)

The illicit happines of eating Nona Ilish Being from Noakhali (coastal area) Nona Ilish is almost staple for my parents.  My ma tells ‘During the months when Ilish is in abundance in fish markets, our cooks would buy them in bulk and salt them for 

Noakhali r Macher Steam – Steamed Fish from Noakhali

This is one of my favorite fish preparations by my didon (grandmother).  And it is very typically ‘Noakhailla’.  There are two secret of this recipe: the use of oil. The more you use it the better it tastes. And  ‘sukno lanka bata’ ( paste of