Easy bread Pizza for kids

Easy bread Pizza for kids

Ever since my daughter started to go to preschool, I am making these snacks more often. N is not a good eater but whenever she eats she eats healthy food. She loves broccoli and carrot and loves cheese. Hence bread pizza is something I make 

Guilt Free Muchmuche Alu Bhaja -Baked Potato Fries

I have been meaning to cook something from Chitrangada’s Blog ‘Color and Spices’. Her Recipe coupled with her day light photograph entices me entirely. I wish I could take some day light snaps like her or cook like her really. Day light photograph on sunny 

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

Ingredients: 1 kg roasting potatoes (I used Maris Piper) 100g duck/goose fat or butter or olive oil (I used olive oil) Little bit of flour for dusting Salt to taste Method: 1.     Peel the potatoes and half them if they are small to medium sized 

Potole r Khosa Bhorta -Parwal skin Bharta or Pointed Gourd’s skin paste or Pâté

We eat bhorta or paste of many vegetable. I guess it is also a habit born out of frugal living and then passed down to generation as healthy and tasty food. Among all the bhorta that my mother makes, Potole r bhorta is my personal 

French Beans Fried with coconut

This recipe is a blessing in disguise for hectic- day-after –office- cooking. It takes around 20mins to prepare and cooks with no compromise on the taste.  You can eat it with rice as well as roti. In fact you can also eat with bread like