Guilt Free Muchmuche Alu Bhaja -Baked Potato Fries

I have been meaning to cook something from Chitrangada’s Blog ‘Color and Spices’. Her Recipe coupled with her day light photograph entices me entirely. I wish I could take some day light snaps like her or cook like her really. Day light photograph on sunny day is not possible as I am in office when sun god shows mercy (if at all) on us Londoners. And on weekend, by some conspiracy it is always raining in London.
So I am trying to be happy to cook from one of her recipes (not like her though as she is way too good). There is a little bit of twist in the recipe to give it my signature. I used garlic pickle instead of the garlic oil. Hope it tastes as good as hers


4-small potatoes (any would do, at least did for me) thin cut like fries

2-tablespoon of oil

1-teaspoon of garlic pickle with oil ( it has full garlic cloves)

½-teapsoon chili flake

Salt to taste


1.     Wash the potatoes with skin

2.    Cut them to thin finger or sticks. Do not make them too thin or too thick

3.    Now in a bowl add oil, garlic pickle with oil and chili flake and mix well
Oil from garlic pickle droped on white oil

4.    Line a baking tray with foil

5.    Place the potatoes on the tray and pour the oil

6.    Mix the oil properly with the potatoes

7.    Layer the potatoes on the tray so that each one is separate from other ( if you are doing lots you might have to do them in batches)

8.    Heat the oven at 200c ( fan oven)

9.    Place the tray in the middle  and bake for 5/8 mins ( or until little brown)

10. Take the tray out and toss the potatoes so that each side gets the brown color

11.  Take it out when brown and crispy

12. Serve like snack with dip or serve with white rice and dal

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Guilt Free Muchmuche Alu Bhaja -Baked Potato Fries
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Guilt Free Muchmuche Alu Bhaja -Baked Potato Fries
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