Dhakai kachchi/Kaachi Biryani

Dhakai kachchi/Kaachi Biryani

Cooking Dhakai  kachchi/Kaachi Biryani is a matter of love. It is the true child born out of labour.  The effort of making the biryani pays off when friends and family seating across the dining table cannot stop taking about it. I am extremely passionate about 

Szechuan Chicken Noodles

I made this one to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which was 10 February 2013. Somehow did not get the time to post the recipe on the blog. Any given day, Chinese food is always a welcome break from Bengali food that I eat at 

Fast Track Chicken Pulao

Ingredients 1.    1-small sized chicken, cut into pieces 2.    2-Onions chopped properly 3.    1-teapsoon garlic paste 4.    1-teaspoon ginger paste 5.    1-teaspoon cumin powder 6.    ½-teaspoon red chili powder or paprika powder 7.    ½-cup yogurt 8.    ½-cup milk 9.    2-green chili, slit length wise 10. 

Couscous Khichdi- Couscous cooked in Bengali style

Between packing ‘n’ number of bags /boxes/suitcases and shifting home, I did manage to do some cooking for Eid. I made Kosha Mangsho (spicy Bengali Mutton Preparation) and chicken meatball Pulao. However, as of now, I am too tired to write the recipes, watermark the 

Luchi ar Alur Dom -Spicy potato served with Bengali Bread called Luchi

Alur Dom We Bengalis call them Luchi. Others call them phulca, puri etc. whatever we choose to call it, most Indians love this fluffy balls. Bengalis love it at all times- be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It holds a highly honored position in a