Luchi ar Alur Dom -Spicy potato served with Bengali Bread called Luchi

Alur Dom
We Bengalis call them Luchi. Others call them phulca, puri etc. whatever we choose to call it, most Indians love this fluffy balls. Bengalis love it at all times- be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. It holds a highly honored position in a wedding feast and as bhog during puja. Luchis can be served with a various kind of dishes according to ones liking, occasion and depending on time of the day. The most favorite vegetarian combinations are Luchi with begun bhaja(fried aubergine), Luchi with alu bhaja(potato fried), Luchi with cholar dal, Luchi with payesh and of course Luchi with alur dom. Luchi with kosha mangsho ( mutton curry in Bengali style) is very popular Bengali combination. It is often served for dinner or other special occasion like birthdays, Bengali New Year or just a special dinner.
Today is Mohasashthi –the sixth day from the new moon. Today marks the start of five day celebration of Durga Puja, putting an end to the long wait. It is also weekend in UK where we do not get any special holidays for puja like everyone at home in kolkata. Therefore, I decided to make best use of the time and start the celebration with some traditional puja food. Hence Luchi ar Alur Dom for breakfast.
Ingredients for Alur Dom
4-potatoes, de-skinned and cut into large dices
1-tomato cut in to small pieces
½-nigella need
1-teaspoon of turmeric
1-teaspoon red chili (optional. Use Kashmiri chili for the color if you do not want the alur dom to be hot)
1-teaspoon cumin seed powder
1-teaspoon ginger powder or paste
½- cup yoghurt
2-bay leaves
Pinch of sugar (optional)
½-teaspoon Bhaja Masala (method below)
Salt to taste
2- tablespoon oil
1.    Boil the potatoes for 10mins so that they are half done
2.    Soak all the spices ( red chili, turmeric, cumin, ginger)in water
3.    Now heat oil and add little turmeric
4.    Add the half-boiled potatoes and fry them. It will give a nice color to the potatoes
5.    Once fried keep them aside.
6.    Heat more oil in the same pan and add bay leaves and Nigella seed
7.    Add the soaked spices, add sugar ( optional) and fry until oil separates
8.    Add tomatoes and fry until tomato is totally paste. Add little water if needed
9.    Add salt
10. Add the fried potatoes and fry until dry
11. Add yoghurt and mix well and fry
12. Add pinch  or two of bhaja masala and fry
13. Add little water and cover.
14. Cook until potatoes are cooked and gravy is thick
Method for Bhaja Masala
1.       Dry roast cumin seed, coriander seed, fennel seed,  4/5 cloves,  5/6 cardamom,  3/4bay leaves, inch cinnamon, and 10 black pepper
2.      Grin them and your bhaja masala is ready
Ingredients for Luchi:
2- Cup of all-purpose flour
Water as desired to knead
2-tablespoon of oil
Pinch of salt
Pinch of carom seed (optional. I used it as it is good for digestion specially Luchi is very oily)
2cups-oild for frying the Luchi


1.    Place the flour in a deep bottom bowl
2.    Add salt and Carom seed and mix well
3.    Make a  flour well and pour the oil
4.    Mix the oil very nicely with the flour
5.    Warm the water and add slowly with the flour ( careful not to give too much oil)
6.    Knead into soft dough
7.    Take the dough and knead into small dough, make small round balls
8.    Roll  each  flour ball  with roller pin into rounds
9.    Heat oil in a deep pan or kadai
10. Fry the  flour rounds
11.  Do not fry them in too much or they will burn. They should look little golden, not totally white though
12. Enjoy your luchi r alour dom!
Luchi ar Alur Dom
Luchi ar Alur Dom -Spicy potato served with Bengali Bread called Luchi
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Luchi ar Alur Dom -Spicy potato served with Bengali Bread called Luchi
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