Badam Kala Kand -Cashew Nut Kala Kand

Kala Kand is a pan Indian sweet with various versions depending on the state you are eating it. Largely, it is made with milk, cottage cheese, sugar and is usually decorated with Pistachio nuts. Many also make the sweet using milk solid instead of milk. 

Microwave made Mango-Blackberry Layered steam Sandesh

To me, when I think about ‘food’ like a main dish and its color, mostly I think about yellow, red, green, maroon, white as the normal color for food. Any other colors such as blue, pink, purple etc are colors for cake icing or ice 


Ingredient: 1-cup flour ¼-cup coarse Semolina ½- teaspoon Fennel seed (saunff) ½- cup sugar (change the quantity suiting your taste of sweetness. My ones were little too sweet for me but my guests for whom I was making, likes them sweet) ½-cup water /milk ( 

Bhapa Pithe

Bhapa Pitha (if you are bangal) or Pithe (if you are ghoti). I am a Bangal so I call them pitha. Bhapa means steamed. Therefore, this is a steamed pitha. This traditional sweet is usually made with rice flour dough filled with coconut and date 

Eid walla Semaiya- Vermicelli Kheer

It is a beautiful sunny day in London. The kind of warm, lazy day- perfect for  staying home, eating fish and rice with Gondhoraj lebu and dal , playing a game of ludo and having a cup of Darjeeling tea standing by the balcony (