Baked Alu Tikki- Potato Croquettes Baked

Alu Tikki reminds me of my Vijaynagar days in Delhi University. The ‘thela walla’ with alu tikki, the smell, banging of the iron spoon on the huge iron tawa in the evening announcing his arrival. Whenever I think of alu tikki, I am always reminded 

Coffee Snaps

Ingredients: (This will make around 70) 125g spread or butter ( I used spread) 200g brown sugar 3- Teaspoon ground coffee 1-teaspoon vanilla extract 1-egg 220g- flour ( or you can use 110g plain and 110g selfraising flour. then you will not need baking powder) 

Winter Warmer Root Vegetables and Chicken One Pot Dinner

Well, after thousands of Christmas lunches, between shopping eating, endless New Year Parties and then of course the  Poush Sankranti eating extravagance- it is time for me to remember ( at least I am trying. So you are not allowed to laugh) that I had 

Pati Shapta Pitha (Sweet and Savoury)

Coconut and Jaggery filled Pati Shapta Ingredients for Jaggery and coconut filling 1-cup Grated coconut Jaggery as per taste (you can use sugar too incase you don’t have jaggery)   Ingredients for milk fudge filling 4-litre full cream milk 4/5 Cardamom Sugar Milk Fudge Filled Pati 


Ingredient: 1-cup flour ¼-cup coarse Semolina ½- teaspoon Fennel seed (saunff) ½- cup sugar (change the quantity suiting your taste of sweetness. My ones were little too sweet for me but my guests for whom I was making, likes them sweet) ½-cup water /milk (