Baked Alu Tikki- Potato Croquettes Baked

Alu Tikki reminds me of my Vijaynagar days in Delhi University. The ‘thela walla’ with alu tikki, the smell, banging of the iron spoon on the huge iron tawa in the evening announcing his arrival. Whenever I think of alu tikki, I am always reminded of days when three of us had to share one plate of the alu tikki or momos and would be dreaming about days when we will be rich enough to eat separate plates. We all can buy separate plates now but that fun of eating together and sharing can never be replaced by the joy of individual plates. It reminds of SJ  saying ‘Maja aa giya’

Alu tikki brings smell of Delhi to me- the city I love to hate, the city which had taken so much and given so much, the city where I met R. My friends and my life support -S, S, A, P, P,J,J – I met them all in Delhi.


My baked alu tikki does not taste anything like the alu tikki of the ‘thela walla’. Just the way phuchca never taste the same when made at home. And I am happy that it does not. The taste belongs to Delhi and I will like to go back to the city to savour the taste.

 But, let me tell you something, it does not taste that bad either. It is not as crunchy and crusty as the deep fried alu tikki (of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  It is crispy, crumbly, and soft. The idea is not to replace the fried alu tikki but to have a little healthier version so that we have them guilt free and more often.

 Try making them. I can promise that you will not regret.

Note : Using the same ingredients and method of making alu tikki  you can deep fry the alu tikki instead of baking them.  In that case, you will need oil for deep-frying.



10-Medium Potatoes

1-Large red onion chopped

1-Green chillies chopped (optional. I did not use it)

½-teaspoon red chilli powder (optional. I did used kashmiri chilli powder for colour)

1/2- Teaspoon chopped ginger (optional. I used in some and most people did not like it. But I liked it)

2-teaspooon chopped coriander leaves.

1- teaspoon chat masala (optional. I used sumac)

1-cup breadcrumb

Little oil to aid browning

Salt as per taste


1.     Preheat the oven to 200C fan oven

2.    Line a baking tray with foil

3.    Boil the potatoes and clean them when cooled

4.    Mash the potatoes properly, but leave a little bit of lump ( very little) for texture

5.    Add rest of the ingredients and combine well

6.    Make round balls with the mixture and then take each ball and flatten them

7.    Add oil in the breadcrumb and combine. The crumb will still remain loose but little oils helps to brown well while baking

8.    Roll the flatten balls on the bread crump and then place it on the baking tray

9.    Bake for 15/20 mins or little more depending on oven. Basically bake until golden brown on both sides

10. Serve hot with raita or chutney

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Baked Alu Tikki- Potato Croquettes Baked
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Baked Alu Tikki- Potato Croquettes Baked
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