Coffee Snaps

Ingredients: (This will make around 70)

125g spread or butter ( I used spread)

200g brown sugar

3- Teaspoon ground coffee

1-teaspoon vanilla extract


220g- flour ( or you can use 110g plain and 110g selfraising flour. then you will not need baking powder)

1/2-teaspoon baking powder


1.     Preheat the oven 160c for fan oven

2.    Beat the spread/butter, coffee, vanilla and sugar until light and fluffy. I use electric beater for about 7 minutes

3.    Add egg and combine

4.    Shift the flour with baking powder

5.    Combine  the flour

6.    Roll rounded teaspoons into balls and place 1 inch apart on a greased baking tray

7.    Bake for 10 mins. do not wait till they are hard and they will become crisp once cooled

8.    Cool down before serving

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Coffee Snaps
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Coffee Snaps
Print Recipe

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