Badam Kala Kand -Cashew Nut Kala Kand

Kala Kand is a pan Indian sweet with various versions depending on the state you are eating it. Largely, it is made with milk, cottage cheese, sugar and is usually decorated with Pistachio nuts. Many also make the sweet using milk solid instead of milk. Some use coconut, carrots etc with the milk to give a different flavor to the taste.
I made the Badam Kala Kand on 17th Feb 2013 for Saraswati Puja celebrated by ‘Adda’ of Slough. The version I am making came about due to shortage of milk while making the sweet for 20 of our friends. So what did I do? I decided to add some broken cashew nuts to increase the quantity with the original recipe. And that how the birth of ‘my’ Badam Kala Kand
2-Litre full fat milk for chana/paneer/cottage cheese
½ -cups sugar (or even less)
2-litre Milk (or a can of evaporated milk. If using evaporated milk, then do not or use very less sugar)
2-Lemon (juice taken)
1-cup cashew nut broken using a blender
Sliced Pistachio to decorate (use, as much or little you want)
1.     Boil 2 litre the milk in a pan and heat well until boiling point
2.     Slowly add lemon juice  to make the chana/paneer/cottage cheese
3.     Drain the chana using a strainer/ Muslin cloth. Wash the chana so that it does not smell of lemon.
4.     Hang the cloth for at least 1hour  so that water drain properly from the chana
5.     Meanwhile in a heavy bottom pan heat the other 2 little milk stirring constantly until it has reduced to half. If using canned evaporated milk, then heat until boiling
6.     Add the broken cashew with the boiled and halved milk or the boiled  evaporated milk (which ever using)
7.     Stir for 5/7 mins
8.     Then add the chana/paneer with the milk and cashew mix and cook until it is almost dry. You will need to stir constantly. it takes time as the flame needs to be on very low heat.
9.     Add sugar and cook until sugar is dissolved
10. Take off the heat
11. Line a tray with parchment paper or rub oil all over the tray and spread the milk and cashew nut mix
12. Sprinkle the Pistachio all over the tray and let it cool
13. Refrigerate  overnight so that kala kand can dry well ( but remain moist )
14. Then cut squares and serve cold or at room temperature
Badam Kala Kand (Cashew Nut Kala Kand)- Bengali Version
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Badam Kala Kand (Cashew Nut Kala Kand)- Bengali Version
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