Szechuan Chicken Noodles

I made this one to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which was 10 February 2013. Somehow did not get the time to post the recipe on the blog. Any given day, Chinese food is always a welcome break from Bengali food that I eat at home.  But eating Chinese at a restaurant is not always as healthy and skinny as many like to believe. Just from the use of oil perspective. Yet, when I go out, I like to eat Chinese food over North Indian food. I also like Thai, in fact like it more than Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Greek food. All kind of Mediterranean is also my favorite. But not necessary all these are ‘cook is jiffy’ kind of recipes which is what I need on a week night. Or to be honest, all nights. Hence, Chinese cooked at home is my all time fev. In addition, I can change the ingredients depending on my mood and to suit my Indian palate.
Here is recipe for THE MOST EASY SZECHUAN CHICKEN NOODLE, one can think of. Well, I can think of.  My measurements are for making noodles to serve two for dinner with no sides or starter. My noodle was not very dry, also not in gravy form. I used the measurement depending on my taste. Please feel free to modify
Ingredients for the Szechuan Sauce:
·       1/2-cup tomato puree (or little less if you like)
·       1-teaspoon red chili paste (use hot version or more if you like hot)
·       2-tablespoon light soy sauce
·       2-tablespoon dark soy sauce
·       2-tablespoon rice wine or dry sherry or vinegar
·       1-large shallot or onion chopped
·       1-teaspoon ginger grated
·       1-teaspoon garlic chopped
·       ¼-teaspoon peppercorn roughly ground
·       1-tablespoon sesame oil or any white oil
·       Pinch of sugar
 Method for making Szechuan Sauce:
1.     Heat oil in a wok or karahi
2.     Add shallot/onion , ginger, garlic, chili paste, ground pepper corns  and fry for two minutes
3.     Add tomato puree and fry
4.     Add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar
5.     Reduce the heat and simmer to 2/3 mins
6.     Remove from heat. You can store it in a jar and keep in fridge
Ingredients for Noodle:
·       300gm-medium egg noodles
·       1-chicken skinless chicken breast, diced
·       1-red bell pepper diced
·       1-yellow pepper diced (just for the sake of color.. use green, red, orange.. whatever you fancy. Also the quantity was on the idea to have some vegetable with dinner. So you as much or as little you like)
·       2-carrots, cleaned and cut
·       1-big red onion cut in four parts and then each section of the skin separated using hand
·       Salt to taste or use fish sauce or soy sauce to season ( I used fish sauce as I like the smell)
·       1-tablespoon sesame oil or any white oil
Method for Szechuan Chicken Noodles
1.     Boil the noodle as per the instruction on the package
2.     Meanwhile heat oil in a wok or karahi
3.     Add chicken breast and brown them well
4.     Add pepper, onion and carrot  and fry them until brown but still very farm
5.     Add the Szechuan sauce ( add little water in case very dry)
6.     Cook until done
7.     Drain the noodles and immediately pour over the chicken Szechuan sauce mix
8.     Combine well, and in case needed, season with salt/fish sauce/soy sauce and pepper
9.  Serve hot immediately  
Szechuan Chicken Noodles (Chinese)
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Szechuan Chicken Noodles (Chinese)
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