Fast Track Chicken Pulao

1.    1-small sized chicken, cut into pieces
2.    2-Onions chopped properly
3.    1-teapsoon garlic paste
4.    1-teaspoon ginger paste
5.    1-teaspoon cumin powder
6.    ½-teaspoon red chili powder or paprika powder
7.    ½-cup yogurt
8.    ½-cup milk
9.    2-green chili, slit length wise
10. ½-cup green peas (optional. I used peas to eat some vegetable)
11.  2-inch stick of cinnamon
12. 3/4-Cardamom
13. 2-bay leaves
14. 1-piece mace
15. 5/6-cloves
16. 10-balck peppercorn
17. 300g-Basmati Rice (I did not use any proportion of rice to chicken. I just used my instinct because we wanted to eat well and lots of chicken)
18. 3-tablespoon oil (use ghee if you like. I do not like ghee in my food so I avoid using ghee. Ghee makes me feel so heavy after the food, which I do not like)
1.    Marinate chicken with ginger, garlic, chili, cumin powder, yogurt and keep aside
2.    Wash and soak the rice
3.    Heat oil in a pan and add cinnamon, cardamom, mace, bay leaves, clove, black pepper and fry for two minute
4.    Add the chopped onion and fry until they are soft and little brown
5.    Add chicken onto the onion, add salt and cook until oil separates
6.    Add milk and green chili and cook the chicken until almost done
7.    Cook the rice 80% and drain the water
8.    Add the rice with the chicken and close the lid. Cook until rice is totally done so as the chicken.
9.    Using a fork fluff up the rice and let it cool down a bit. Once cooled it would be very fluffy in case it was sticky before ( it happens to me very often as I never measure and all water or milk as much as I like depending on my mood, hahaha!)
10. Warm it up again and serve with raita
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Fast Track Chicken Pulao
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Fast Track Chicken Pulao
Print Recipe

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