Shorshe Chicken – Chicken Cooked in Mustard Gravy

This is a classic Bengali dish, although mainly cooked with fish.  This is not for the faint hearted-for the dish has a punch from the mustard paste which is very different from the English mustard paste one would get in store. Usually mustard paste for the dish is made using mustard seeds and using ‘Shil Nora’ (pestle and mortar).

There are various ways to cook the dish. The traditional way (or it is said..Although debatable) of cooking, this dish is the simplest and I feel, also the tastiest. However, my mother thinks otherwise. She will add some fried red chili and curry leaves to the dish very often to make it a little different. Sometimes she also adds coconut milk or just milk. I am cooking it my way- the simplest way for me, so that I can get over with this week’s cooking and cleaning and then go out to enjoy the snow!

Happy cooking and enjoy the food.


1 small chicken

2-onions finely copped

1-tablesppon ginger paste

1-tablespoon garlic paste

1-teaspoon turmeric powder

¼-teaspoon red chili powder (depending on taste)

3-tablespoon mustard paste (or powder. I used powder from kolkata)

3-tablespoon yogurt

2-tablespoon mustard oil/ white oil (I used combination of both)

4-green chili slit in the middle and deseeded to get rid of the hotness of the chili

Salt to taste

Pinch of sugar



1.     Heat oil in a pan and add sugar and caramelize it

2.    Add the onion and fry until soft and brown

3.    Add ginger and garlic paste and fry

4.    Add red chili and turmeric and salt and little water

5.    Cook it until oil separated

6.    Add chicken and cook until tender. Incase needed add little water. Otherwise it should release water anyway

7.    When chicken is cooked add the mustard paste ( if using package then soak the mustard with little salt for 10 mins before using)

8.    Add green chili

9.    Cook for 5/10 mins and then add the yogurt ( which is already beaten  in a bowl)

10. Cook for another 5/10 or until gravy reduced  but do not cook for long as the yogurt may separate

11.  Serve with boiled white rice

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Shorshe Chicken - Chicken Cooked in Mustard Gravy
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Shorshe Chicken - Chicken Cooked in Mustard Gravy
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  • Dear Subhojit, I am really sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so so happy that you cooked my dish and loved it. Hope you continue to cook my recipes and give me feed back as all your feedback keeps me going. Thank you once again

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