Bhapa Misti Doi -Steamed Sweet Yogurt

Want to have something sweet but have very little time, too tired to make, suddenly guest coming for dinner so need a quick dessert…. Then this is what you want to make………..Bhapa Misti Doi ( steamed Sweet Yogurt).

This is simple.. really really simple!!!!!!!!!!! Try is to know it!

Happy Cooking!

1 –cup fat free Greek yogurt/ or full fat yogurt (no need to use hung curd)

1-cup evaporated milk

1-cup condensed milk (if like little less sweet, add less of condensed milk)


1.     Pre heat the oven at 180c( fan oven)

2.    Mix all ingredients together

3.    Pour in ramekins

4.    Fill a baking tray with water and place the ramekins

5.    Bake without covering

6.    After 30/35 mins the yogurt should set, if not keep until set. Insert a skewer to see if the yogurt is set and the top is light brown. it might be little wobbly though. ( your time may vary depending on the quantity and the oven as well)

7.    Set in the fridge for 2 hours before serving so that it is not wobbly any more

8.    Garnish it with saffron or fruits like Mango and serve. You can serve it plain without any garnish too and it taste awesome! Enjoy the creaminess of the misti doi

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Bhapa Misti Doi -Steamed Sweet Yogurt
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Bhapa Misti Doi -Steamed Sweet Yogurt
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