Noakhali r Macher Steam – Steamed Fish from Noakhali

This is one of my favorite fish preparations by my didon (grandmother).  And it is very typically ‘Noakhailla’.  There are two secret of this recipe: the use of oil. The more you use it the better it tastes. And  ‘sukno lanka bata’ ( paste of dry red chili).
However, I am not using dry red chili paste, as I do not have a mixture now. I am also not using as much oil as my didon or ma uses. So as it should be- it does not taste as good as it tastes when cooked my ma or didon. But chalta hai!

Without much ado .. let me just give you the recipe


4-slices of Rahu/Katla/Curp/Sea bream/Sea bass, cleaned

1/2-teaspoon turmeric

½-teaspoon red chili powder (Kashmiri if you like) or more depending on your taste

½-cumin powder


5/7-fenugreek seed

Salt to taste

Sugar little bit

Oil as much as you like


1.     Sprinkle all the powdered spices on the fish

2.    Add lots of oil and rub the fish

3.    Add salt too

4.    Heat oil in a karahi and add fenugreek seed and bay leaf

5.    Add sugar in the oil

6.    When the smell of fenugreek comes out, add the fish

7.    Fry both side of the spiced up fish until light brown

8.    Wash the dish(where you had the spiced raw fish) with little water and add the water to the frying fish

9.    And boil until fish is cooked and gravy is dry and oil has separated

10. Serve with  warm white rice and Gondhoraj lebu

Note: this dish does not taste good if it is not little hot, the color bright red and cooked without lots of oil.
Hope you like the recipe. Why don’t you cook and send your recipe and snap to me, which I can upload as guest post. Also have look at my Facebook pagePet Pujo and Adda   and click ‘like’ . Follow me at Pet Pujo and Adda


Noakhali r Macher Steam - Steamed Fish from Noakhali
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Noakhali r Macher Steam - Steamed Fish from Noakhali
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