Narkel Kumro – Pumpkin cooked with Coconut

My mallu friend A’s amma says that this dish is from Kerala. I believe her, as I am no expert on the Kerala cuisine. However, my mother says same dish minus the curry leaves is cooked in many parts of coastal Bangladesh as well as 

Potol Posto -Pointed Gourd -Parwal Cooked with Poppy Seed Paste

Sunday lunch special is not a thing of my house. We always had special food- there was always something new on the menu. We always had elaborated meals. Even now, when we are all away from home, my mother would cook a five-course meal. It 

Baked Alu Tikki- Potato Croquettes Baked

Alu Tikki reminds me of my Vijaynagar days in Delhi University. The ‘thela walla’ with alu tikki, the smell, banging of the iron spoon on the huge iron tawa in the evening announcing his arrival. Whenever I think of alu tikki, I am always reminded 

Paneer Pasanda- cottage cheese cooked in a tomato, cream and spice gravy

I cooked this Paneer Pasanda with Kumror Bichi ( kaddu Beej/ Pumpkin Seed). I had so much of the pumpkin seed at home that I needed to put them to cook use. I make fish, chicken and sometime fish Paturi (fish cooked in wrapped banana 

Quick Paneer Capsicum Recipe

Want to cook something in flat 20 mins? something that is healthy, full of flavor and really tasty? Try this one! Ingredients 225gm Paneer or Cottage cheese 1-inch ginger grated 2 -pod garlic grated ¼ -teaspoon turmeric powder ½-teaspoon red chili powder (optional) ½-teaspoon cumin