Baked Vegetables Toasties with Eggs

It is weekend. I get up with lovely sunshine falling on my face and with the remains of a lovely dream. I am not usually very keen on going to the kitchen in the morning. I love my morning quiet, calm with a light Darjeeling cuppa. Maybe a book or maybe just looking outside from my window keeps my mind occupied.  Otherwise a chatterbox, I do not like to talk in the morning. I like my mornings to be just mine- before the hustle bustle sips in.
Today of course is a different day. R is at home and has been already screaming on phone much before I could get off the bed, the property dealer coming to check the property and my client has decided that she is going to dictate my life. And then of course the hunger pangs that follows from a over active start of a day. Hence an early entry to the kitchen –to make a proper breakfast. Again, like most of my cooking, this is a very simple, healthy but no compromise on taste recipe that I just made up – magic!


6-slices of brown bread (or white or you can also use baguette)  

1-onion thinly slices
1-small carrot, thinly sliced
½ -red bell pepper, thinly sliced
1-tomato, deseeded and thinly sliced
4-eggs (optional or you can use less eggs. Our egg consumption is very controlled so I did not mind using 2 for each of us)
¼-teaspoon black pepper
30gm cheddar shredded
2-tablespooon coriander sliced
Salt to taste  


1.       Pre heat the grill in 180c

2.       Line a baking tray with parchment  paper

3.       Line the breads on the tray
4.       Spread  equal quantity of all the vegetables and onion  on the breads

5.       Sprinkle the coriander on them

6.       Beat the egg with black pepper and salt

7.       Spread equal amount of egg on the each bread

8.       Grill for 5 mins or until you smell of warm bread

9.       Bring the tray out and sprinkle the cheese on the breads

10.   Bake until  cheese melts and breads are crisp

11.   Eat with ketchup/chili tomato sauce and a lovely cup of tea or coffee

Have a lovely weekend!
Baked Vegetables Toasties with Eggs
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Baked Vegetables Toasties with Eggs
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