Lamb and Pomegranate Tagine served with Onion and Pomegranate Relish

I have been meaning to make this dish ever since I saw the recipe on TV on one of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas food shows. Finally, I made it yesterday…. For the first time. I expected this dish to be different.. do not know how…. but different.
The dish is on the verge of being little sweet. It has dates so the sweetness is explained. However, I did not use as many dates as the original recipe asked for. Yet it is little sweet. The sourness of the pomegranate sorts of make up for it but somehow I am not very keen on sweet- savory dishes. Nevertheless, R really liked it. He thought it was rather unique.
But, I must say the onion and pomegranate relish was to die for. It was exactly what I imagined it to be.  Yummy! I loved the look and color of the dish.
I did not follow the recipe to the T and made my own twists. Added bit of chili, used very little dates. I am happy that I keep doing this kind of experiments. If you are the experimentative kind, then you might want to try making this one. It was nice with couscous though.
Ingredients for Lamb Tagine
650gm Mutton or Lamb’s boneless shoulder meat
2-onions thinly sliced
1/2 -teaspoon turmeric
1/2teaspoon cumin powder
1/2-teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/2-teaspoon ginger paste
1/2chili flakes (optional)
1/2-teaspoon ground all spice (optional. I did not use it but my ma would)
Pinch of black pepper (freshly done is best)
4- dates ( use 2 date I would say….)
1-cup pomegranate juice (packed 100% juice or made from fruit)
Salt to taste
1-tablespoon of oil
 Ingredients for Onion and Pomegranate Relish
1-red onions, thinly sliced
1/2-cup pomegranates
1-cup pomegranate juice
½-cup lemon juice
Salt to taste
 Method for the relish
1.    Soak the onions in lemon and pomegranate juice for 1 hour
2.   After an hour drain the onions dry
3.   Add pomegranate, and salt
4.   Combine and serve with mutton/Lamb Pomegranate Tagine
5.   Drink the lemon, salt and pomegranate juice, it is yummy
Method for Mutton (Goats Meat)/Lamb and Pomegranate Tagine
1.    Heat oil in a pan
2.   Add the onion and fry until soft
3.   Add all the spices  with onion and fry
4.   Add the mutton/lamb and cook for 10mins
5.   Add salt and the pomegranate juice, dates to the mutton/lamb
6.   Cook on low heat for 1 hour or just pressure cook it
7.   Before serving, garnish with onion and pomegranate relish and serve with white rice or couscous
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Mutton (Goats Meat)/Lamb and Pomegranate Tagine served with Onion and Pomegranate Relish (Moroccan)
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Mutton (Goats Meat)/Lamb and Pomegranate Tagine served with Onion and Pomegranate Relish (Moroccan)
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