Roast Chicken with Indian Spices: A Bong way of celebrating Christmas!

Well into the New Year but I am yet to get over my holiday mood. It is not that I have not been feeding myself but I do not feel like putting down anything for my blog.  Just being lazy and watching a lot of TV these days- after office.
My work preoccupies me. Too much work on hand. Movement back home is making me restless. I should have been there with my friends who have taken to the roads of Delhi. My mind is there. It seems useless start of a year! I am angry, upset and demotivated. I watched the parliamentary discussion every morning before leaving for office-they disgust me. Police atrocities over protesting public infuriate me. Lack of political will for change makes me think…maybe it is time for violence…an eye for an eye. Is it so?? I am angry!

I would have preferred not to give any recipe for my blog, as it is not the top priority for me now- not at the moment. I did celebrate Christmas. P and A were at home, we had lunch together and watched movies on DVD. But it was not the same.

 I am going to give the recipe of the roast chicken that I made on Christmas-maybe feeling a little responsible to keep the blog alive.

Indian Spiced Roasted Chicken


1- Whole chicken with skin (around 1.5kg) (you can do without skin too)

4/5 cloves of garlic grated

2” ginger grated

1-teaspoon cumin powder

1-teaspoon coriander powder

1-green chili grated

150 ml coconut milk

50g of butter/oil /r vegetable spread

Salt as per taste


1.     Make a paste of vegetable spread, grated ginger, grated garlic, cumin, coriander ,salt and  chili

2.    Use half the paste to marinate the chicken both underneath  and over the skin

3.    Keep the marinated chicken in fridge for 30mins ( I kept overnight as I had to roast it first thing in the morning)

4.    Take out the chicken and keep in room temperature before roasting

5.    Pre heat the oven in 170c in fan oven

6.    Rub the chicken again with the paste ( don’t use all, keep aside little bit of the paste for later use)

7.    Place the chicken in the middle of a roasting pan and place the roasting pan in the middle shelf of the oven

8.    Roast the chicken for 45mins, occasionally bringing it out to spread the oil that have deposited in the roasting tray over the chicken. This way chicken will remain soft and moist.

9.    If the chicken had already browned, cover the chicken with foil and roast for another 20mins

10. Meanwhile, add the remaining of the paste with coconut milk

11.  Take the chicken out and pour the mixture over the chicken so that whole chicken is wet with coconut milk
Chicken after the coconut milk has been poured

12. Then cover with foil and roast for another 30 mins or until done.

13. Then uncover the chicken and roast for a while until new spices are golden  brown

14. Take out of the oven and rest for 20 mins before serving, so that chicken is soft

15. Place the chicken on the wide serving plate and arrange.

16. Use the gravy that is left in the roasting pan as gravy to be served with roast chicken. Do not have to mix any flour, as it will be thick from the coconut milk. You can  get red rid of residues of fat though
roast the coconutmilk along with chicken and then use as gravy to go with the chicken

17. Serve with roast potatoes.

Tip : How to know when is your roast is well done: Insert a skewer on the thickest part of the chicken thigh and take out. Then press the area and see the liquid coming out. If the liquid is clear then the chicken is well done otherwise it might need few more minutes of roasting.

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have a wonderful new year!

Roast Chicken with Indian Spices: A Bong way of celebrating Christmas!
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Roast Chicken with Indian Spices: A Bong way of celebrating Christmas!
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