Ghoroya Bhapa Chingri -Simple Steamed Prawn


200gm prawns
½-teaspoon red chili powder
1-tablespoon mustard oil
Salt to taste

And nothing else, just as the name suggest! Are you worried about the taste? Don’t be. The salty and sweet taste of prawn mixed with the hotness of chili and sharpness of mustard oil makes an amazing combination.

You will be surprised how less ingredients people in villages use to cook their daily meal, retaining the original taste of individual ingredients used. I have picked up this recipe from one of my many visits in the villages of Bengal and since then it is regularly made in my house and my mother and R adores it for its simplicity.


1.       Mix all the ingredients together really well. You can also break the prawn  like mash if you like

2.       Put the mixture in a steel box and stream in a hot water

3.       Or put in on baking tray and steam in oven or micro oven
Ghoroya Bhapa Chingri -Simple Steamed Prawn
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Ghoroya Bhapa Chingri -Simple Steamed Prawn
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