Cinnamon Twirl with Cinnamon Sugar

Who does not like the smell of cinnamon? I for one is game for all thing that smells of cinnamon. Cinnamon is used for both sweet and savory food. All kind of dishes use cinnamon. Indian, Turkish, Egyptian, and American to Persian- name it and there is a special place for cinnamon everywhere. However, cinnamon with sugar and baking is a winning combination.

This is a bread based sweet snack made with cinnamon. However, it can also be made with sweetener and made suitable for people with sugar intolerance as well as people with heart problem. This recipe is very versatile: as long as the bread base is right, it can be custom made to suit any one.  

I made my one for a picnic to be eaten as finger food. You can make it for high tea, breakfast , evening snacks or to be served as finger food before dinner.

Happy Baking!

Makes:around 25-30 twirls

Preparation time:10mins plus four hour of rising time
Baking time:35mins approx


250gm Flour
2-tablespoon yeast
½-teaspoon salt
2-tablespoon sugar or sweetener for flour mix
3-tablespoon sugar or sweetener for sprinkling over cinnamon twirl mix
4/5 –tablespoon sugar or sweetener for cinnamon sugar
2-tablespoon low fat vegetable spread or butter
4-teaspoon cinnamon powder
1-teaspoon cinnamon powder for cinnamon sugar

 Method :

1.    Put the flour in a deep bottom bowl.

2.    Sprinkle yeast, salt, 2-tablespoon sugar and mix  properly

3.    Make a well of the flour

4.    Warm some water and add in the well

5.    Combine and make a flour dough, It should be soft like wool but not sticky

6.    Cover the bowl with cling film and keep it in a warm place for 2 hours. It will help the flour to rise properly. If you want to keep for longer, you can do that too

7.    After 2 hours, take the bowl out, remove the cling film and take the flour out of the bowl. The flour would have risen to double now

8.    Sprinkle some loose flour on a plain surface and place the flour

9.    Divide the flour in two halve

10. Take one-half of the flour. Using a roller pin make a ½ centimeter high round ( like roti or round bread)

11. Spread the vegetable spread or butter on the round flour mix.

12. Sprinkle sugar and then cinnamon

13. Now roll the round flour mix

14. Take a baking tray and cover with baking paper or parchment paper  

15. Place the flour roll on the baking tray

16. Repeat the process  on other half of the flour mix to make second roll and then place on the baking tray

17. Keep in warm place for two hours for them to rise in size

18. Preheat the oven in 180c for 10mins

19. Bake the rolls for 35mins or until the rolls are light brown and the house smells of cinnamon

20. Let it cook and then take off the baking tray and slice as you like

21. Serve with cinnamon sugar and cream

Method for Cinnamon Sugar:

1.    Blend sugar and cinnamon in a electric mixture and make a sugar dust but not like icing sugar  
2.  Sprinkle some over the cinnamon twirls
Cinnamon Twirl with Cinnamon Sugar
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Cinnamon Twirl with Cinnamon Sugar
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