My easy Dark Chocolate Torte

Today is my cousin RS’s birthday. Had I been in Kolkata, maybe I would have baked his birthday cake. Maybe my mother or brother is baking him one. Nevertheless, I feel like celebrating his birthday by making something sweet. Also we are not getting the treat everyone is getting at home. So this torte is dedicated to him and to our treat.
Arree yaar,  Khane ke liye kuch bahana chahiye!
By the way, Torte is a multilayered cake usually made with flour and eggs. However, it can also be made without flour and egg. This is a no bake, no flour and no egg recipe and it is very easy to make. I found the recipe at my GP’s surgery while waiting to see him. However, I have changed the recipe to make it little easy and quick, less fatty by making it egg less and changed the quantity of cream used.  I eat some good torte at Patisserie Valerie. Although I changed the recipe from original, I know, they actually taste like the original. And of course, it is little healthy.
So try it. I am sure you will love it.

Serves: Should serve 4. But we are in the mood for gluttony. It is for just the 2 of us.

Preparation Time: 15mins
Cooling time:   2 hours

100g dark chocolate
100ml single cream
4-Digestive Biscuit ( I used Mcvities)
2/3-teaspoon sugar ( optional)
2/3-teaspoon low fat spread ( I used flora) ( use butter if you like)
1-small tart tray/baking tray ( I used a small egg frying pan)
Parchment Paper ( Today I used Aluminium foil)
10-Raspberry , few extra for serving ( or any other fruits like Strawberry, Cherry Lychee etc)
Icing sugar for dusting

Method for preparing the torte base:

1.     Line a small tart tray or any small 2-inch bowl with parchment paper. I used aluminium foil to cover my small pan. Lining in this way helps to take the torte off the tray or pan for serving.

2.     Put the digestive biscuits in a zip lock plastic bag. Use a roller pin to make crumbs. You can also make crumb by putting them in a blender or using a mortar pestle

3.     Put the crumbs in a bowl and combine low fat spread/butter and sugar (optional).

4.     Press the crumbs to make the layer at the bottom of the lined tray/pan/bowl. Cover with cloth or cling film and chill while you make the filling.

Method for making the Filling:

1.     Melt the chocolate

Method for melting chocolate :
1.     Take a large bowl or pan. Fill the pan couple of inches with water. On a low heat simmer the water
2.     Break the chocolate into pieces
3.     Use a heatproof bowl (I used a stainless steel bowl as the quantity of chocolate is less, I will not have to hold it on hot water for very long. But be careful and use a cloth to hold the stainless steel bowl )
4.     Place the chocolates in the heatproof bowl and sit over the simmer water.
5.     Allow the chocolate to melt, stirring occasionally
Note: you can melt chocolate directly on heat or in microwave. However, I like this method as it gives the best result. The right consistency of the sauce and prevents from seizing through overcooking. I definitely do not melt chocolate adding water and directly placing the bowl/pan over fire. I feel that just spoils the quality and taste of chocolate. 

2.     Let the melted chocolate  cool down a bit

3.     Fold in the single cream, sugar (optional) in the chocolate

4.     Fold until the mixture thickens and has smooth feel to it

 Method of setting the torte:

1. Pour the chocolate cream mixture into the tray/pan/bowl

2. Level the surface with a back of a spoon

3. Put the tray in the fridge and leave to firm up: timing will depend on your fridge’s coldness. However, should be chilled for at least one hour. You can keep over night if you like

3. Un-mould and serve with fruits like raspberry, strawberry etc. also, you can dust the torte with icing sugar and serve with mint

My easy Dark Chocolate Torte
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My easy Dark Chocolate Torte
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4 thoughts on “My easy Dark Chocolate Torte”

  • Simon…help me for making torte base…ektu bujhte parchhi na.
    in your 4.point…torte base…after crumbing biscuits…then i ve to put sugar n butter…tarpor ki mixture ta empty frying pan er opor foil paper spread kore pour korte hobe? right? tarpor haath diye bhalo bhabe evenly press kore freeze korlei torte base ta hard hoye jabe ki?…aami ki thik bhujechi?
    next…choc filling ta prepare hoye gele…torte base ta freezer theke bar kore er opor filling ta pour kore set korte hobe to? never done it before…tai need help…:)

  • oh ho! ki khushi ami! some one is asking me expert questions.. and making me feel like an expert! u are too good di! ehehehe. ami ki khub jotil roke method ta lighlam di? seriously asking! tahole try korbo eber theke ar ektu explain korte… ektu feed back dio to please. you are right. ami to frying pan use korechi as I do not have any smaller springform tin.
    (springform tin tins were invented for making delicate textured cakes and desserts, such as baked or frozen cheesecakes, chilled desserts, ice cream cakes, etc., where they can't be turned out easily without spoiling their appearance.The Springform tin has a loose base, which is held in the straight sided ring. When you open the buckle on the side, the base stays on the worksurface and you can lift the ring off, leaving your cake or dessert in perfect condition.)

    So you can use any pan/tin from where you can take out the torte without turning it over so that it looks beautiful.

  • hehe…:)thank u for the details Simon.nishchoi…no doubt tui toh expert bote…aami toh tor fan…sply aami tor theke anek ta baking shikhchhi…:)actually tui jotil likhishni…aami torte,pie…ei shob kono din korini…practically o kaoke dekhini korte. tai ektu details ta dorkar chhilo…ki jani jodi korte giye ulto-palta kori di…hehe…tai.
    Amar ekta suggestion aachhe…jodi u can make videos as well…tahole aaro views n hit hobe…:)
    Springform tin ta toh darun!ki jani India te pabo ki na!…aami cup cakes…muffins banabo micro-oven ye…kintu ki kore kori…silicon cup-cakes moulds r okay!or i ve to buy ceramic containers?

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