One Billion Rise, Valentine’s Day and Warm Chocolate Sandwich with vanilla ice-cream

Come February and all shop window turns red. It breaks the monotonousness of January.  January is New-year and February is Valentine day. I do not have many thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Should I celebrate it or should I not? Well some celebration most often is not about what I think but what person in relation to the celebration feel. Like my mother loves the NEW thing called mother’s day (not so much about father’s day though). She thinks that as a mother they are never given the importance they deserve hence a day like that, although very pseudo, pushes people to think about their mother. My father on the other hand hates the idea of father’s day and will always give a sarcastic remark if we happen to wish him. He says that he is loved always and does not need to be reminded. As for me, well I am not like some ‘political party’ (I am not naming them as next thing you know they have given a supari to get me. They are mad anyway and does not deserve mention here ) who venture into moronic endeavour of breaking card and gift shops and start teaching Hindustani  cultural as opposed to western culture to us janta. I am also not like ‘paint the house red with red heart shaped balloons’ and ‘will not be with you in case I do not get my Valentine’s Day surprise of my choice’. I am like ‘let’s not make R feel left out on a day when rest of world is going crazy trying to impress each other’
I find commercialisation of all thing called ‘love’ little stupid really. It was after all made popular by Cards Company to sell more cards and gifts. But if someone wants to celebrate it just the way we do with birthday, anniversary or even puja and Christmas, I see no reason to stop them. I love my birthday precisely because that is only one day in year where I can blackmail my friends in buying me things that I want. So what’s wrong with V day?
Like I said, I love to see that R is not excluded from the red love, also like to make my mother and brother and A feel special on the day who like to feel special, well who are special. They are anyway. But sometime, it is nice to say that aloud, with a hug and with a call and maybe cooking something special (which I do any way every day). But to be honest, I would be just me like every day, living and loving people around me.
Having said that there are some interesting things happening on 14th of February 2013. One  billion Rising Campaign ( See to stop violence against women is taking place all over the world this year on 14th Feb . Violence against women seems to a never ending fight for many of us. This year the rape incident in Delhi saw 1000’s on road in Delhi and other part of the world. I went to protects across London with other men and women.  Pioneered by author of Vagina Monologue, One Billion Rising is a promise that we will rise up with women and men worldwide to say, “Enough! The violence ends now”.

My organisation is taking part in the event in London and we have taken part in making a movie on women and girls fighting violence. Many of the women I work with or have worked with have come forward, shared their story and helped in making the movie.  Please join us with your loved one and make it a success. Here is the link for the page:

What can be better way to express your love? I will surely be there with R celebrating our fights against violence, with other men and women of the globe, cheering for our every day success to stop violence against women, and paving way towards a world free of violence against women and girls. Are you going to be there?

Food forms an equally important part in bringing people together and celebrating life. While I am excited about One billion women’s rise, our film, rally on 8thMarch and talk on 9th March at south bank centre in London, I am also excited about cooking some easy, low cost but interesting V day dishes for my loved ones. To start the celebration I have made ‘Sweetheart Warm Chocolate Sandwich with vanilla Ice-cream ‘
I am sending this recipe on Priya’s Versatile Recipe for Valentine’s Day Recipe Contest. Please fine the details of the contest here
Ingredients (For one Serving)
4-slices of Bread, any bread would do, I used white for the colour
2-tablesppon melted chocolate
2-teaspoon sugar (depending on taste)
2-tablespoon full fat milk (you can use skimmed milk too)
2-scoop good quality vanilla ice cream
Cinnamon sugar to sprinkle
Colour fruits for garnishing (I used pomegranate for being red and grape as I had them at home)
Oil to fry
1.    Break the egg, add milk and sugar and beat well
2.    Cut the bread in heart shape ( using either heart shape biscuit cutter or by drawing like me)
3.    Spread the melted chocolate on bread and make a sandwich
4.    Heat oil in a pan
5.    Mix egg and milk and sugar
6.    Soak the chocolate sandwich in the egg
7.    Fry the sandwich until both side is golden brown
8.    place on plate with two scoop ice cream, fruits and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top
9.    Serve while the sandwich is warm so that they ice-cream melt when eating together
10. Impress your loved ones and Start a lovely V day celebration ! 
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Breakfast with R on A sunny sunny morning at home. a little over exposed photo but the sun is so rare here that did not feel like editing the snap. the sunshine overflow
One Billion Rise, Valentine’s Day and a Sweetheart Warm Chocolate Sandwich with vanilla ice-cream, for my Sweetheart:
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One Billion Rise, Valentine’s Day and a Sweetheart Warm Chocolate Sandwich with vanilla ice-cream, for my Sweetheart:
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