Fruit and Walnut Cups: Dessert made Easy and Healthy

This is a very simple dessert and it would never fail you. Many times, it rescued me from my last minutes dessert disasters.  I usually make this dessert when I invite many people over for lunch and have gone overboard with main courses or too tired to make any puddings. Basically when I am too deep into showing off!!!!  This light dessert is full of goodness of walnuts, freshness of seasonal fruits and healthy oat biscuits and decadence of whipped cream. So after too much eating, it sort of gives a break to the over eating and fills you up with freshness of fruit and nuts.
I have also tried this one for breakfast and it was an instant hit with kiddos and adults alike. You get to feed oat, walnuts and fresh fruits minus any sugar- without any fuss to any age group. It takes about 30 minutes to make for 10 people. What more do you want?
This is my all time favorite. I hope you like it too! Enjoy making this wonderful dessert by me!


Ingredients (to make for 10 to serve in small dessert glasses)
30-walnuts (3 for each person but you can add more) broken you can use a blender to make dust as well. I made dust of the walnuts
15-oats biscuit (1 and ½ for each person, but you can add more) made into crumbles (I used Mcvities digestives full fat version)
10-strewberry, thinly slices
1-orange, skin off and made in to dices
7/8-any other berry
2-sharron fruit, thinly sliced
Sufficient sweet mango, small diced
1/4-cup orange juice (or any other fruit juice)
Little vanilla extract
20/25-tablespoon fresh whipping cream (homemade or store bought. I used homemade. Ideally 2 table spoon for each glass/person)
1.    Mix the broken/dust walnuts with oats biscuit crumble. Combine well
2.   Add little orange juice with the walnut and biscuit mix to make it little moist but not soggy. It should remain loose and crumbly. Keep aside
3.   Mix all the mix fruits together
4.   Add vanilla with whipping cream or add vanilla in fresh cream and whip until soft peak rises. Do not over do it and make it hard
5.   Now the layering for the dessert
6.   Take a dessert glass or anything tall ( bowl would do too but for layering something glass like is nicer and easy)
7.   First layer : make with walnut and oat biscuit mix
8.   Second layer:  Top the first layer with one tablespoon of whipped cream and spread the cream around the glass
9.   Thirst layer : Top the second layer with fruits
10.                Fourth layer: top the third layer with again walnut and biscuit mix
11. Fifth layer : Top the fourth with one tablespoon of whipped cream and spread the cream around the glass
12.                Sixth layer: top the fifth layer (of cream) with fruits. Add the fruits nicely as this would be your last layer
13.                Chill for 1 hour before serving
14.                Serve as dessert or breakfast or even for picnic
Note: Layering is done to make it look beautiful. If you are eating at home on a Friday night while watching a movie, you might want to just put all ingredients together and combine and just enjoy the dessert without the hassle of layering

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Fruit and Walnut Cups: Dessert made Easy and Healthy
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Fruit and Walnut Cups: Dessert made Easy and Healthy
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