Thai Green Curry Chicken

                      Thai Green Curry with chicken

I had one of the longest day and wanted to eat something warm yet quick. Hence, Thai green curry chicken. It is easy to make, smells wonderful: a perfect blend of texture and aroma!

Ingredients for green paste

Ingredients for green paste

2- Green chili
1- Inch ginger or galangal
2-teaspoon garlic
1-lemon leaf
1-tablespoon limejuice
1-teaspoon coriander seed
1-teaspoon cumin
1-tablespoon chopped coriander
3-tablespoon lemon grass (2 long lemon grass stick cut in 3-inch length)
1-teaspoon shrimp paste (optional)
½ -teaspoon of black paper
Pinch of turmeric

Thai Green Curry Paste

 Ingredients for Curry
 800gm Chicken cut in to small pieces
2-tablespoon fish sauce
2-tablespoon soy sauce
1-carrot cut to big sizes
½-teaspoon sugar
10-Mushroom each cut into 4 pieces
2-thai red chili deseeded and sliced
500ml coconut milk
Handful of Thai Basil (optional)
2-tablespoon oil
Salt to taste

Cooking in  Progress

 Method :
1.  Making the green paste: Put all ingredients in blender and make paste. Make sure that lemon grass is mixed really well; otherwise, the fiber from the lemon grass can spoil the paste. If not sure, whether the lemon grass will churn well or not, then leave the lemon grass out and use them whole. use as much green paste as needed for the curry and rest freeze for use later

2.      Heat oil and fry the chicken.
3.      Add fish sauce and soy sauce
4.      Add 4/5 tablespoon of green paste.
5.      Add the lemon grass in case if you have not churned it already
6.      Cook the chicken for 10mins
7.      Add carrot and mushroom
8.      Add coconut milk and little more paste ( add paste according to your taste) and cook until chicken is well cooked
9.      Add little salt per taste ( careful as you will be using fish and soy sauce and both of them have salt , sugar and lemon leaf
10.  Add red chili and basil and stir a little
11.  Serve with steam rice.

Ready to be served

Thai Green Curry Chicken
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Thai Green Curry Chicken
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