Salmon pan-fried in coriander coconut paste

I realise that it is dangerous to call a recipe mine, but this really was born out of desperation using ‘whatever was there in the fridge’. Also, this is the first recipe of Salmon that I cooked back in 2008 when we moved to UK. I never eat Salmon before, so it was like, a true use of trial and error method in cooking. And bingo! Since then it is a smashing hit at home. I love it!

Later I found a similar dish by Anjum Anand where she uses pistachios and garlic for the recipe. Although, my recipe do not have garlic or pistachios but I tried her’s and it is yummy!  Go ahead, and add 5/10 pistachio and 1/2 garlic pod in this dish like Anjum Anand’s, if you like. or you can just stick to mine!

And, I will like to call this my recipe, J keeping in mind that any similarity to any other dish is purely unintentional and hey hey, don’t genius’s think alike?! Ha ha ha!

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 15 mins, 10 mins marinating
Cooking Time: 15 mins

Ingredients for paste:

4/5-tablespoon grated coconut

5/6-tablespoon chopped coriander (a bunch really)
1-teaspoon of black mustard seed and little extra for frying 
½-teaspoon of cumin seed
1-inch ginger
1- green chili (increase quantity depending on taste)
5/6 tablespoon lemon juice

 Ingredient for cooking:

3-Fillet of Salmon cut into bite size if you like or leave them as they are (you can use any fish you like even Hilsa)

1-tablespoon lemon juice
Salt to taste
2-tablespoon oil


1.    Marinate Salmon with salt and lemon juice and keep aside
2.    Put all the ingredients for paste together  (except lemon juice) and make a paste using a blender or mortar pestle or the traditional  ‘pata’ ( Bengali word)
3.    Heat 1 tablespoon  oil in a pan and add the extra mustard seed
4.    When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add the paste, add salt and fry it a little or until the paste is semi dried. Add lemon juice
5.    Marinate the Salmon with the fried paste for sometime
6.    Add rest of the oil in a frying pan and heat.
7.    Pan fry the marinated salmon
8.    Serve with roti or rice or just as starter

Salmon pan-fried in coriander coconut paste
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Salmon pan-fried in coriander coconut paste
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