Grilled Fig with Yoghurt

The fruit stalls now are full of gorgeous purple colored figs and I am so tempted to buy them. However, I never buy them as I know that it will be total waste as we will end up not eating. But yesterday I just could not resist the temptation of the rich color of the fruit and brought two of them for breakfast today.  And voilà!

This is what I did this morning:

1.      Pre heated the grill on 180c

2.      Cut the figs in cross and pressed from the bottom so that they open up like flowers

3.      Put two dollops of butter on each fig’s centre

4.      Scattered some nuts piece (any nuts should so. I used cashew)

5.      Sprinkled one teaspoon of sugar

6.      Sprinkled some cinnamon

7.      Sprinkled one teaspoon of dark soy sauce

8.      Gilled in oven for 5/8 mins

9.      Served it with some yoghurt

And it was magic. The subtle tartness of the yoghurt with the sweetness of the figs and then caramelized nuts together with very very little salt from the soy sauce was wonderful. Then of course the fragrance of cinnamon with caramelized nuts was just awesome.  Try it please. I promise it will be worth experiment . I would love to serve it not  just as breakfast but as light dessert after a heavy dinner!

Grilled Fig with Yoghurt
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Grilled Fig with Yoghurt
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