Thai Fish with Mango and Coconut Milk

Fish with Mango and Coconut Milk- A Thai Dish
It might be some time before I write part 2 of my kolkata trip. Specially with Christmas just around the corner, with lights all around, insane shoppers, carol singers at Tesco, red coats and jumping kids, I am tempted to give in to the festivity. So Kolkata trip will be back later, for now let me enjoy Christmas. I will buy and decorate my tree tomorrow and do bit of shopping (insane of course) for loved ones (for those who are here in London, and those still staying in Kolkata will be forgotten!!!!!!! ). However, as of today, I am doing bit of cooking, keeping with the Christmas spirit.
I am making two fish dish-one Thai and one Italian dish. Both the fish dishes are very easy and very very quick. If you are thinking what to eat during the Christmas breaks, it might be interesting to cook oriental one day and Italian the other among of course the usual Christmassy cooking.  Both the fish dishes goes well with white rice, Pasta, noodle or on their own making them versatile. Moreover, if you are treating people, this might bring interesting twist as fusion food along with traditional Christmas roast and Brussels sprout. Who says we cannot deviate –  I would! Well, I did!


4 fish steak. I used salmon. You can use Sea bass, sea bream or any sweat water fish

3-tablespoon Thai red curry paste
Handful of coriander, chopped
150ml of coconut milk
3-tablespoon of sweet chili sauce
1 red Thai chili, chopped
¼-teaspoon red chili flake (optional)
6-8 Thai Basil
2-teaspoon of rice wine vinegar
3-teaspoon of fish sauce
1 Mango (sweat and sour mango), deseeded, peeled and sliced  
1-tablespoon oil
Salt as per taste


1.   Place the fish on a board and marinate with thai red curry paste

2.   Heat oil and add the remaining paste

3.   Stir and add sweet chili sauce, fish sauce  and fry for a while

4.   Add the fish and fry them for a while

5.   Add rice wine vinegar

6.   Add the mango

7.   Add coconut milk and cook

8.   As the  gravy reduces and mango softened, add the basil and coriander, red chili flake

9.   Season as per taste.

10.               Serve hot sprinkled with chopped red chili and with rice, paste or on its own as side dish

Thai Fish with Mango and Coconut Milk
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Thai Fish with Mango and Coconut Milk
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