Basil and Almond Pesto layered baked Fish

Basil and Almond Pesto layered baked Fish

As promised, I am posting the second fish recipe that I had made last night. Well, although I said that it is an Italian dish, today’s after thought is that I am not sure. The reason being, I really made a pesto (paste) taking the idea from Italian dish but gave it a twist to suit my taste. Can this be still called Italian? Maybe a fusion is more appropriate. Whatever, the taste was great- rich with fish oil, crunchy from the bake and the taste of basil and almond works wonder. What I liked about it is the intricacy and texture of the recipe. I tasted the fish, little sharpness of the chili, bittersweet taste of the basil leaves and then the sweetness of almond. Not to forget, the rich and creamy taste of grated parmesan. It came out really nice, taking consideration that I just made it up with whatever I had in the fridge.
Here is the recipe……hope you like it. Although in all honesty,  it was little oily for my taste ( I am totally oil less food person)  but I know R would have loved it. I did not use that much oil, but as I used Salmon which is very oily (good source of omega 3, the heart friendly oil) and then with the parmesan together with olive oil made it oily. However if you use any other fish I am sure the effect will be different. But taste and texture wise, it was awesomenesssss!

Handful of Basil leaves, chopped
1- Clove of garlic
1- Green chili or more depending on taste
1-teaspoon pine nut
5/6-almond roasted
Just little, really little bit of roasted cumin (10 cumin max maybe!!!)
1-tablespoon lemon juice
Salt to taste
Grated parmesan as per taste
Red Chili flake as per taste
Olive oil
4- Salmon steaks. Use any fish you like


1.   Leaving aside the parmesan, salt, lemon juice , olive oil and red chili flake, grind rest of the ingredients to a paste

2.   Add the lemon juice, olive oil and salt to the paste

3.   Season the fish with salt ( little bit though)

4.   Add parmesan and chili flakes with the paste

5.   Oil a baking tray and arrange the fish

6.   Cover top side of each steak with the paste

7.   Bake the fish on 180c ( fan oven) for 20 mins or until done

8.   Serve with green salad and boiled potatoes
Basil and Almond Pesto layered baked Fish
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Basil and Almond Pesto layered baked Fish
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