Oriental Sticky Sausage Sandwich ( Veg/Non-veg)

Saturday was sunny. Great start of a weekend. For the first time I realised that, we do get some sun light in our new home. This is the first time we are staying on a ground floor property. To be honest, I am not that happy about it. Out last home……. when we saw it for the first time, we fell in love with the place instantaneously.  We lived there for 4 years with so much love. In many sense it was our first home together after marriage.  This is not the case with this house. I took it almost out of necessity.  On top of it, when we moved in it was dirty, broken and ill maintained.  Horrible agency and landlord who does not want to spend money to spend on the up keeping of the home.  Horrible weather, no sun makes the house look dull and dark. Two naughty and undisciplined kids upstairs (I am not one of those people who think all children are god like or angel) keep jumping around and playing football over our head. And the horrible soundproofing ( yes we hear can people upstairs snoring  at night or even f**ting … do not laugh.. I am serious) does not help the situation at all. They make me go mad, especially when I am back from office or just about to go to bed at 11pm, suddenly they start jumping (don’t they go to school? Shouldn’t they be in bed by 8pm? ).
But magic happened. When I opened my eyes in the morning of Saturday- at the corner of my bedroom window, thought the heavy curtain, I could see glittering golden sunshine, almost peeping. And when I walked to the living place, there it was-sunshine. Entire house looked different. I moved all the net curtains (horrible, as it is they are) and the house looked so bright, open and warm. I could see trees and bright blue sky. Finally I felt at home again!
Such a glorious day- it had to be celebrated. We had a lovely breakfast together sitting on our dinning table from where we can see people walking by, went out for a walk and coffee, watched TV together in the evening, made coffee ( just like the way we used to do when we are students, beating the coffee with sugar to make cappuccino) and then had lovely dinner with two absolutely new and simple  dish .
The list of foods that we had yesterday is very interesting and very simple to make. We started the day with Sticky Sausage (vegetarian) Sandwich, Lunch with Easy Peasy Chicken Pulao and for dinner, rice with spicy fried fish, Onion Thoran, Pumpkin cooked with coconut, Makha Makha Aar Mach, red lentil cooked with drumsticks and last but not the least Pineapple Chutney (Bengali Style) 
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Oriental Sticky Sausages Sandwich for breakfast (For two) given below
6-Vegetarian Sausage or chicken sausage or pork (which ever you eat or prefer)
3-tablespoon dark soy sauce (this also works, as salt. so do not add salt unless your soy sauce is reduced salt version)
2-tablespoon sweet chili sauce
1-teaspoon pan roasted sesame seed
6- Slices of bread (brown or white depending on taste)
1-teaspoon oil
1.    Heat oil in a pan
2.   Halve the sausages (it should make 12 pieces. You can make smaller if you like )
3.   Fry them in the oil until brown, should take about 4/5 mins in a non stick pan
4.   Add the soy sauce and cook for while
5.   Add the sweet chili sauce and the sesame seeds cook until sausage is nicely cooked, sticky and fluffy
6.   Meanwhile toast the breads ( I used pan as I do not have a toaster)
7.   Now lay four piece of sausage on a bread and cover with another bread
8.   Now hold them with your hands and give big a bite!!!!!!!!
9.   Then ymmmmmmmmmmmmm blissssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oriental Sticky Sausage Sandwich ( Veg/Non-veg)
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Oriental Sticky Sausage Sandwich ( Veg/Non-veg)
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