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Kumro Patai Macher Bhaja-Shallow Fried Fish in a Pumpkin Leaf Parcel

If you are readding this-How have you  been? I am well, thank you. If you are wondering It’s been a while I have written something on my blog. I try my best to be regular on my Instagram and Facebook page. I do update on 

Kathaler Chop-Echorer Chop-Jackfruit Cutlets

Vegan January –Veganuary!  The concept has become very popular among many of my friends specially those who are already vegetarians. I will be honest- I struggle to give up fish. Do I not believe eating or being or becoming vegetarian as good concept? I do 

Labra -Bengali Mix Vegetable

Peace and happiness. These two words! They seem like my lifelong pursuit! No, they have not eluded me. I have just never learnt their meaning the way I do now. I guess age is not just a chronology after all. Age is the experience, the 

Chottogram er Kala Bhuna

Durga Puja has already started in various places in UK. Last Sunday I had a food stall in one of the pujas in Basingstoke. This was my fifth year with them. Somehow over the years I have formed a bond with them which comes alive 

Chanar Sondesh or Sandesh or Chanar Chhap Sandesh

I come and go, isn’t it. Life has not been easy. Well, it is not meant to be easy. But there are times when one needs to let it be-let life shape itself. Sooner or later it settles down and gives us the space we 

Bangalir Chirar pulao -Flattened Rice Pulao from a Bengali Home-Poha Pulao from Bengali home

Chirer Polao was a common breakfast or evening snacks in my growing up days. I was a picky eater, which worried by mother a lot.  I was thin, small and super active. My mother was always worried that I was not eating enough, running more 

Niramish Mangsho” or “Bhoger Mangsho (Mutton cooked without onion and Garlic)

My Kolkata visits will almost always have a visit to the temple. No, I am not particularly religious, but my mother is. So is my brother. I rely on them to pray for me. I am sorted from that point of view. However, I do 

Koi Macher Kalia( Climbing Perch in a coconut milk gravy) and a mother’s Whimsical life

I love my fish. And I love my ‘koi Mach’ (Climbing Perch) -atleast my parents like to think that. It is only apt that when I am starting to write my blog again after ‘trillion’ years I start with fish I feel I need to 

Bengali Phulkopir Singara -Classic Bengali Samosa

It’s pouring in London-perfect time for a cup of masala cha and Singara. Mon ta besh Cha cha korche (Oh I don’t even feel like translating it : I feel tea tea in my mind?!!!! Ha ha. Feel like having tea??!!!!! Well you get the 

Lebu Lonka Murgi – Chicken Curry with Lime and Green Chillies

Lebu Lonka Murgi or Chicken curry cooked with lime juice and chilli paste is the recipe for today. But before I talk about the recipe, I really needed something out of my chest. It’s been bothering me for some time now.  My three and half 

Dhakai kachchi/Kaachi Biryani

Cooking Dhakai  kachchi/Kaachi Biryani is a matter of love. It is the true child born out of labour.  The effort of making the biryani pays off when friends and family seating across the dining table cannot stop taking about it. I am extremely passionate about 

Nolen Gurer Sandesh (Sondesh) /Cottage Cheese Fudge with Date Palm Jaggery

  ‘Nolen Gur’ —-the sound of the name is enough to make all Bengalis sentimental. The Date palm jaggery is an intrinsic part of Bengali life and is synonymous to winter in Bengal. Sandesh or the way Bengali’s call it Sondesh- its history dates back 

Three years, Motherhood & a Comeback: My ma’s Chicken Paturi-Chicken steamed in Banana leaf

  I am looking at my laptop screen thinking what is it that I really want to write? All that comes out of me is a long breath. Where do I start?   It’s been three long years since I looked at my blog. And 

Badam Kala Kand -Cashew Nut Kala Kand

Kala Kand is a pan Indian sweet with various versions depending on the state you are eating it. Largely, it is made with milk, cottage cheese, sugar and is usually decorated with Pistachio nuts. Many also make the sweet using milk solid instead of milk. 

Til Kumro -Pumpkin cooked in sesame paste

I am going through a phase when cooking seems like a real hard work. Well, I did do some cooking in the weekend but the whole idea of clicking snaps and writing recipe seems too much. I just want to eat and sleep and go 

Maushumi r Doi Begun -Aubergine with Yoghurt-a recipe by Maushumi

Maushumi, a friend of mine astounded me with her Doi Begun (aubergine with Yoghurt). She grew up in Orissa and shared with us the amazing recipe that belongs to the state. When I saw the picture of her dish, I knew it was something that 

Microwave made Mango-Blackberry Layered steam Sandesh

To me, when I think about ‘food’ like a main dish and its color, mostly I think about yellow, red, green, maroon, white as the normal color for food. Any other colors such as blue, pink, purple etc are colors for cake icing or ice 

Fast Track Chicken Pulao

Ingredients 1.    1-small sized chicken, cut into pieces 2.    2-Onions chopped properly 3.    1-teapsoon garlic paste 4.    1-teaspoon ginger paste 5.    1-teaspoon cumin powder 6.    ½-teaspoon red chili powder or paprika powder 7.    ½-cup yogurt 8.    ½-cup milk 9.    2-green chili, slit length wise 10. 

Kalo jeera diye makha makha Aar Mach -Giant river-catfish cooked with nigella seed in spicy thick gravy-

Ingredients: 8-pieces Aar Mach. Washed and clean ¼-teaspoon kaloo jeera 1-teaspoon red chili powder 1-teaspoon turmeric 1-teaspoon cumin powder 1-teaspoon ginger paste 2-green chili, slit length wise 1-bay leaf Salt to taste 3-tablespoon oil to fry the fish 2-tablespoon to cook Little coriander leaf, sliced 

Narkel Kumro – Pumpkin cooked with Coconut

My mallu friend A’s amma says that this dish is from Kerala. I believe her, as I am no expert on the Kerala cuisine. However, my mother says same dish minus the curry leaves is cooked in many parts of coastal Bangladesh as well as 

Narkel Diye Anarosh r Chutney -Pineapple Chutney Cooked with Coconut Milk

Ingredients 300g-Pineapples cut into small pieces ½- teaspoon Panch Phoron ½-teaspoon turmeric 1/4-chili powder 1-dry red chili ½-ginger paste ½-cup sugar 500ml-coconut milk Salt to taste 1-teaspoon oil  Method: 1.    Heat oil in pan 2.    Add panch phoron and dry red chili on the hot 

Potol Posto -Pointed Gourd -Parwal Cooked with Poppy Seed Paste

Sunday lunch special is not a thing of my house. We always had special food- there was always something new on the menu. We always had elaborated meals. Even now, when we are all away from home, my mother would cook a five-course meal. It 

Mutton Jhol -Goat meat Curry

Ingredients:  300g mutton shoulder pieces 2-large onions cut into fine slices 4-cloves of garlic, paste 2-inch ginger, paste 1-teaspoon turmeric 1-teaspoon red chili powder 1-teaspoon cumin seed powder 1-teaspoon coriander seed powder 6-small potatoes, cleaned and skinned 1- Bay leaf 4/5-cardemom 2- Inch cinnamon Salt 

Shorshe Ilish -Hilsa Cooked in a Mustard Paste Gravy

Ingredients 6-pieces of Ilish / Hilsa 3-green chili, slit length wise 2-teaspoon mustard seed (I used black) or use 2 –teaspoon mustard seed powder (read instruction of soaking on the pack before using) 1-teaspoon turmeric powder 1-teaspoon red chili powder (I used Kashmiri chili, as 

Tomato Chutney

Ingredients 5-ripe and sweet tomatoes cut into small pieces ½-teaspoon panch phoron 1-green chili ½-teaspoon grated/paste ginger ¼-teaspoon turmeric powder 5-tablespoon sugar (or as per taste of sweetness) Pinch of Bhaja masala (dry roasted masala dust. See my spice section for details) Salt to taste